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 Najbogatija djeca na planeti

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Poruka : 35951

Učlanjen : 09.02.2014

Raspoloženje : ~~~

Najbogatija djeca na planeti Empty
PočaljiNaslov: Najbogatija djeca na planeti   Najbogatija djeca na planeti Sat610Pet 24 Okt - 12:12

Većina od njih nema ni 16 godina, ali je njihov bankovni račun već ima višemilonsko stanje.

Prince George Alexander Louis, 1-godina, $ 1 milijarda dolara.
Najbogatija djeca na planeti 294l7dd

Suri Cruise, 8 godina, 270 miliona dolara.
Najbogatija djeca na planeti 346p2qr

Valentina Paloma Pinault, 7-godina, 12 miliona dolara.
Najbogatija djeca na planeti 2vnnwhj

Jaden Smith, 16-godina, 8 miliona dolara.
Najbogatija djeca na planeti 33lpbgg

Rico Rodriguez, 16-godina, 4 miliona dolara.

This actor-teens have not graduated from high school, and has amassed a fortune of $ 4 million. Popularity young comedian brought one and only starring role - Manny Delgado in the hit TV channel ABC, the TV series "Modern Family." Rico also starred in five feature films and released his autobiography.

Najbogatija djeca na planeti Vqpq8y

Jordan Casey, 13 godina

This Irishman from County Waterford just thirteen, and his track record for three games for iTunes (including the featured Alien Ball vs. Humans) and performances at the TED conference, and The Next Web. In nine years, he bought a textbook, and a year later he has programmed in three languages. Parents were assured that the son of "fast life" and chopped in computer games, until one day, did not find it in the list of the youngest iOS developer in Europe. The exact dimensions of the state of the IT-millionaire unknown.

Najbogatija djeca na planeti 2u6mmad

Isabella Barrett, 7 godina, 2 miliona dolara.

His millionaire, as a child, she has hammered together by participating in beauty pageants, television shows, and opening her own line of jewelry and cosmetics for children. Former member of the TV program Toddlers and Tiaras Isabella Barrett wears dress worth $ 10,000, spending a few thousand dollars for dinner with lobster and hundreds of dollars every day to maintain an artificial tan, false eyelashes and acrylic nails. Most Isabella loves high heels - in her collection have 60 pairs. The main income it brings brand Glitzy Girl, which are produced under lip gloss, glamorous bracelets and bright velor blouse.

Najbogatija djeca na planeti 169lp9y

Princ Moulay el Hassan, 11 godina, 2,5 milijarde dolara.

Najbogatija djeca na planeti 28i251e

Dennilin Nada Birkhead-Marshall, 8-godins, 59 miliona dolara.

This is one of those cases where childhood in a family of celebrities is not like a fairy tale. In just a few months, she has lost her mother and older brother, model Anna Nicole Smith - both died tragically. Her biological father, Larry Birkhead, had a few months to prove his paternity in court. At the age of 6 years Dennilin inherited his mother's estate and $ 10 million, which she earned for her modeling career. Anna Nicole Smith was married to elderly oil tycoon Howard Marshall. And although after the death of her husband she did not leave, the judge decided to allocate $ 49 million from the estate for the benefit of young miser Dennilin.

Najbogatija djeca na planeti 2qn5a1s
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Najbogatija djeca na planeti
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